What is GroWeb's Tackifier?

GroWeb Tackifier is a gelling agent that, when mixed with water, swells becoming highly viscose binding the seed, fertiliser and mulch to the soil surface. The tackifier helps protect the seed from wind erosion, water erosion and drought.

GroWeb's tackifier is a natural non- toxic product that is made up of 99% natural colloids and 1% inhibitor.

Image by Free Steph

What are the properties of GroWeb's Tackifier?

GroWeb Tackifier has the following properties;

  • It is highly viscose and will assist erosion control by stabilising the soil.

  • It acts as a permeable membrane preventing oversaturation and dehydration.

  • It is highly water absorbent and will retain water and re-wet.

  • It lubricates both the mulch and the moving parts of the hydroseeding machine.

  • It helps bond the mulch to the soil surface.