Soil & Plant Conditioner

What is GroWeb's Soil & Plant Conditioner?

GroWeb's concentrated, organic liquid fertiliser contains material derived from fish residues combined with a number of trace elements and growth promoters. Two of which, Gibberellic acid and Triacontanol, stimulate plants to take up and use the available nutrients and ensure the maximum effectiveness of the product.

The fertiliser is specifically blended to go through hydroseeding machines, it is non corrosive, homogenises with the slurry and remains in suspension so there is no drop out. Once applied it will not leach out, unlike conventional fertilisers. Being concentrated it is easy to transport and handle coming in 10 litre bottles.


How do Treated Areas Benefit?

  • The balanced analysis 8:7:7 and generous levels of trace elements promote a strong lush healthy sward.

  • The naturally occurring growth stimulants aid rapid germination

  • The organic constituents (proteins, amino acids and globulins) decompose slowly to provide additional nutrient release and improved microbial/earthworm activity

  • It offers steady Nitrogen release

  • It is non scorching, sterile and non toxic and is impossible to overdose

  • In wet or waterlogged soils it is an ideal tonic for grass where a kick strart to growth is required.

  • GroWeb Soil & Plant Conditioner is a finely ground suspension with a maximum particle size of 0.25mm. It can be applied by conventional spraying and irrigation equipment in conjunction with insecticides, if required.


Before and After

Lake Bala, North Wales, UK.

The first photo was taken immediately after seeding. A mix of GroWeb Hydraulic Seeding Mulch and Soil and Plant conditioner has been used. The second photo is taken 12 weeks after seeding.

Lake Bala Immediatley after hydroseeding
Bala 12 weeks after seeding_edited.jpg