Hydraulic Seeding Mulch

What is Groweb's Hydraulic Seeding Mulch?

GroWeb Hydroseeding Mulch is made from processed jute fibres. It is designed to be mixed in a hydraulic seeding machine with water, seed and fertiliser to form a homogeneous slurry ready for spraying. 

How does GroWeb aid growth?

GroWeb is a carefully proportioned mulch which creates a microclimate that accelerates germination and promotes a uniform cover of vegetation. 

Once sprayed onto the soil, Groweb;

  • Forms a web-like net which holds the seeds in place;

  • Insulates seeds from extreme temperature variations;

  • Protects the seeds from wind and rain;

  • Retains moisture to sustain seeds during dry spells;

  • Decomposes after sward is established, adding nutrients to the soil.

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Why GroWeb's Hydraulic Seeding Mulch?

Ease of Application

GroWeb mixes readily with seed, fertiliser, water and optional tackifier to form a homogenous slurry which can be easily sprayed in a single application on any soil, however steep the slope.

Low Cost​

Because Groweb is manufactured in the UK, it offers cost savings over all other leading purpose-made mulches.

Rapid Growth​

GrowWeb's mix of fibre sizes provides excellent water absorption - up to 400% its own weight. Its strong mat holds moisture and promotes rapid seed growth for quick, quality results.

Superior Qualities ​

Unlike wood-fibre mulches, which have a low ph that is detrimental to seed germination, Groweb has a virtually neutral ph - ideal for establishing vegetation.

Environmentally Sustainable 

GrowWeb is 100% recycled cotton plant fibre. It is bio-degradable and absolutely non-toxic. 


Where to Use GroWeb's Hydraulic Seeding Mulch?

Use GroWeb wherever you need to control erosion, protect soil or provide a cover of vegetation quickly, and effectively. It will stabilise soil and promote rapid growth whether the job is for landscaping or for land reclamation.


  • Embankments and cuttings

  • Demolition sites

  • Golf courses and athletic fields

  • Quarries and mines

  • Gravel pits and refuse dumps


  • Subsoils

  • Tailings

  • Demolition material

  • Sea-dredged sand

  • Stony soils

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Before and After

Salterhebble’s Green Wall, Yorkshire, UK.

A green wall in Halifax before and after seeding. A combination of GroWeb hydraulic seeding mulch, soil and plant conditioner and tackifier was used. Although a very hostile environment for seed germination, a combination of GroWeb product's provided the perfect conditions needed for growth.

03 - After.jpg