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GroWeb established itself as a manufacturer of British Hydroseeding products in 1991. GroWeb was established in response to the expensive and environmentally unsustainable hydroseeing products that were on the market at the time. Since 1991, GroWeb has gone from strength to strength, being specified in over 20 million square meters of seeding projects.

28 Years of Business.

Over 20 Million Square Meters of Seeding.

A 100% Recycled Product.

Hydraulic Seeding Mulch

GroWeb Hydroseeding Mulch is made from processed cotton. It is designed to be mixed in a hydraulic seeding machine with water, seed and fertiliser to form a homogeneous slurry ready for spraying. It's is made from 100% recycled material.

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Soil & Plant Conditioner

GroWeb's concentrated, organic liquid fertiliser contains material derived from fish residues combined with a number of trace elements and growth promoters. Two of which, Gibberellic acid and Triacontanol, stimulate plants to take up and use the available nutrients and ensure the maximum effectiveness of the product.



GroWeb Tackifier is a gelling agent that, when mixed with water, swells becoming highly viscose binding the seed, fertiliser and mulch to the soil surface. The tackifier helps protect the seed from wind erosion, water erosion and drought.



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